Tue. Jan 28th, 2020

Baku 702 B soldering terminal – transform your welding torch head

Baku 702B soldering station – change your soldering iron head
BAKU 702 B Soldering Terminal

I composed an article concerning the baku 702 B 6 month earlier with my preliminary responses after obtaining it.

After 6 months, my responses is great and also the terminal functions well. I simply made 45 raspberry guards with it making use of the air circulation and also the welding torch and also it make the work.

Currently it is time to transform the welding torch head. For certain its life has actually been brief contrast to my previous one from an additional brand name. My anxiety was to locate a suitable head as I saw none with the 702 B referral.

The remedy is to look for 936 – 937 terminal or Suggestion 900 M, they all coincide and also functions well with the Baku 702 B. Take place ebay.com and also pay 1/2EUR each; you will certainly additionally locate various head kind. I advise to buy some right after getting the terminal as they are originating from china (usually) and also your requirement 2-3 week to obtain them.