Tue. Jan 28th, 2020

Include wifi to an arduino for 4EUR with an ESP8266

Add wifi to an arduino for 4€ with an ESP8266
esp8266 wifi for arduino

The ESP8266 is a basic standalone addon for any type of board that functions penalty with Arduino as well as just price much less than 4EUR on ebay.com.

It can run as a gadget or an AP can provides cordless network connection to your application. It is interfaced with Arduino based upon a serial line. The only issue of a such point (when it comes to a lot of wifi chip) is the power usage. It calls for regarding 150 mA to run; a whole lot for batteries.

My Good friend @couac made a truly great message on just how to make it collaborating with a Yabas, generally any type of Arduino board, I recommand the analysis of his message: william message on ESP8266