Tue. Jan 28th, 2020

My Do It Yourself laboratory – listing of devices

My DiY lab – list of tools
This is not my laboratory!

I ’ m beginning a job with a number of buddies and also today they ask me: “ if we intend to replicate your laboratory to parallelize the equipment things, what to we require? ” That was a fascinating inquiry I intend to cooperate this blog post. So I ’ m mosting likely to provide all right stuff I ’ m making use of often with its rate for my residence hacking.

All that things is reduced end product however economical!

So this blog post will certainly be a checklist of monotonous points do not hesitate to include your devices in remark!

 Soldering terminal Baku-BK-702 B 150 EUR Oscilloscope DSO203 150 EUR Rational analyzer Saleae duplicate 25 EUR Multimeter Hyelec MAS830 L 15 EUR Reflow (inadequate) Moulinex heating unit 150 EUR Heat sensing unit from Amazon.com 7EUR USB power battery charger Anker PowerIQ 26 EUR ISP Developer USBASP 8EUR Jumper cable M/M - F/F - M/F 10 EUR Breadboard mix sized x 10 30 EUR RPI outbreak board from modmypi 5EUR USB outbreak board from snootlab x 3 10 EUR USB cable televisions blend mini and also mini 10 EUR FTDI cord TTL-232 R-3V3 20 EUR JTAG/SWD service RaspberryPi 36 EUR 3d Printer Tobecca twin head 799 EUR devices Establish of devices 100 EUR Dremel Dremel 8200 120 EUR ----------------------------------------------------------- 1571 EUR

Not so pricey, isn ’ t it?