Mon. Jan 27th, 2020

Polar Capital to launch AI, automation fund

Polar Capital to launch AI, automation fundPolar Capital said it plans to launch an automation and artificial intelligence fund to support companies worldwide working in industrial automation, AI, robotics and advanced materials.

“Technology is changing the world we live in and the pace of disruption is accelerating – knowledge of technology is becoming critical for all investors,” CEO Gavin Rochussen said in a statement.

Xuesong Zhao, Nick Evans and Ben Rogoff will oversee the new fund, which is the first to launch since Rochuseen joined the investment management company this year.

“Initially the portfolio will be tilted toward robotics, automation, materials and industrial related companies,” Evans said. “The fund will gradually evolve because there is an even larger opportunity for artificial intelligence to augment and in some industries eliminate knowledge-based work. Over the next five to ten years artificial intelligence related developments will unlock significant value for some companies and disruption for those who fail to embrace it.”

The new fund joins the company’s other technology-related funds, the Polar Capital Technology trust and the Global Technology fund, which manage $1.8 billion and $1.6 billion respectively.

“Near term there is a significant opportunity around automation/augmentation of physical work with intelligent machines and robotics – the large early opportunities are in automotive and electronics industries, including iPhone production, but now the market is expanding to include retail, general manufacturing, pharmaceutical, logistics and service/care industries,” Zhao said.

Polar Capital will release more detailed information closer to the fund’s launch.